My Dogs Kill a Houston Raccoon

Big raccoons not unusual in west Houston near Addicks Dam. Sometimes they come into my yard. My dogs, two pits and one lab, don't like them. Nor possums either. I do my best to save the possums, I like possums and have raised a few baby ones. However I can't stand raccoons. Smart as they supposed to be, they are not THAT smart. My dogs have killed a few and taken some bites and damage battling them. Chewy is momma, Ashoaka here daughter. Other daughter Cheeto not shown here.

This was a big 15 pounder coon, got treed, and I took pole to knock him down and all hell broke loose. He fought hard and bit the dogs on the nose but was no match for both of them, and you really do NOT want to get in middle of something like that. The coon makes a strange 'aaaarrrhhhhccckkk' noise, well, until they took out his neck. Others have made same strange noise, it makes me want to kill them.

So, after they killed this big son of a bitch, neither ate him, just dragged him around yard. Then I took him to field behind my house as I know the turkey buzzards would recycle the carcass. Which they did. My dogs don't like those big birds with tiny heads either, just can't catch them. The turkey buzzards, they had a feast, and you can see how large they are, about 2 feet tall each, really big guys, wingspan maybe 5+ feet. Anyways, they snacked on the coon 3 days.

When I took my dogs out back, they wanted to roll in what was left, NO!!!! Enjoy the scenes here, my dogs also freak out when they see that coon on Guardians of the Universe.

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