Eddie's Not So Secret Anymore
Chupacabra Hot Sauce Recipe

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Thought some of you might like my 'Eddie's Special Chupacabra' salsa recipe. Rather simple & easy to do, working at restaurants & bars thru years some of them hits, others not, others experiment with the recipes. Good for those who like a BIG batch....the below makes about 140 oz. Yes, 8.5 pounds of salsa, great for parties, events, or if like our household, use it on everything. You will need a blender for something besides making margaritas.

What you will need besides being sober cooking:

13-18 good sized roma tomatos

2 large onions (1 1/2 to 2 pounds each)

4-6 serrano peppers, about 3-4 inches each (for hotter sauce use 7-10 peppers)

2 large bushy cilantro clumps

Cut up onions in 1/4s, tomatos in 1/2, peppers & cilantro whole although I cut off lower stems of cilantro.

2 table spoons garlin powder

Add all above to.........

a big pot with gallon of water, bring to hard boil. I like to let everything boil about 10 minutes. Scoop it out & put in blender putting a 1/4 cup of water each scoop: I fill blender up 1/2 way at time, slow blend, pour in big bowl, (or two) don't try to scoop out all tomatos, all jalapenos, at once, just scoop stuff out. Repeat until all veggies blended, you will have a lot of water left in boil pot. If you like thicker sauce, don't add more water, if you want to stretch it and make thinner sauce, add a cup or two of the broth to the big bowl.

Add 1-2 table spoons of salt (your choice here, it's good by itself, but has a real kick with salt)

I use two big bowls, then mix them all up. You can pour liquified sauce in one big bowl, but I like to mix them back and forth. Once ready you can pour into smaller bowls or like me, clean jars as seen in photo above, the batch above made 8.5 pounds...or 140 oz of salsa. Cost $7.00. Fun factor with kids helping priceless.