AMC AMX Javelin prototype rumble seat cheap

Best of Craigslist ad

For sale AMC AMX Javelin. Needs work. Could use a roof and some sheetmetal. Not everyday restoration material. Free fire ant mount & Texas red wasp nest. Would run if had a engine, and drive if had drivetrain. Would freely roll if had suspension and wheels. Bring own steering wheel and column and steering frame box. Customized on 110+ degree day into a prototype with 'Rambleseat'. Bring own Ramble Seat too. Free tetnus shot upon purchace. Bring title, flatbed, wasp spray & ant poison.

free-amc-musclecar-amx-1.jpg (285820 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-2.jpg (303920 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-3.jpg (291343 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-4.jpg (312944 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-5.jpg (252493 bytes)