In Autumn 2018 Larry Mitchell died when he rolled his Jeep off a mountian. His wife Linda seriously injured. Sorry to hear & why everyone should wear seat belts. While I left him behind like a shit stained bad marriage, you don't want to see that happen to anyone whether you like them or not. He was the failed director of a cratered huge AMC National Organization that tried to destroy other AMC clubs like AMO & NAMDRA. Below file is some of the stuff, and there was a LOT of crap he attacked anyone who din't bow to Zod. His AMCWC went from over 2500+ to few people by the time it folded in 2004. I was one of the targets of his attacks when he made some derogatory comments about my mom who died in 1988 and it was on. Our Houston chapter left, other chapters followed, and many big box vendors left. Regardless of that, NO I will not remove this file from my site as some have asked. That is akin to removing nazi holocaust from school books. NO..I 'did not win' as one said. I didn't win shit. I am STILL in business almost 34 years later despite the beating I took in 1980s/90s by this asshole. I can tell you it feels like Superman without Lex Luthor or Batman without Joker though. And YES, I have said a prayer for his soul, and had not thought about him in decades. Will say another for his family & wife too. That being said, below is original unaltered file.


AMXTRASH & The Arvada Tampon! Why AMC Squirrel Clubs Bit The Big Hot Throbbing Member in 2004! (& Good Riddance AMCWC!)

New! The Abortion Speaks from the Afghanistan Cave about the 2007 AMO Denver Show!

It is amazing that Mitchell still has a few friends. Eh, spies, (like Secret Squirrel above!) that are more than happy to bend over and get filled with fudge. Might be why it's called 'Rocky Mountain' but seems that is gay slang for someone who ate a burrito and has hemorrhoids. And you wonder why this asshole lost a major club. And the few dickheads who keep his pecker warm in those cold winters! I hope all of you are sharing a condom. And that includes asshole Dale Dickhead with this 70:

Here was my spy photo of them at the men's stall with Senator Craig!!


Wonder Twin Powers Destroy AMO In Name Of Mitchell! Shape of a penis! Shape of a pocket pussy! Go!

Holy Buttplug Dale! That Eddie Stakes Is a Real Formidable Asshole!

And  Doug Enus who took time to defend Mitchell years ago on the amxfiles; good to see you 5 people have a nice huge club in the Skid-O-Can! Share a hot cocoa on me! Good to see Dale "the president" still has time to write national magazines about me! Of course ignoring the asshole sitting on his lap in the bathroom stall!

Back to asswipe Mitchell. Ever wonder why he lost his club except for the 3-4, eh, ok, 5, anuses locally? It is because of fucking bullshit like this. Even after this asshole was flushed, he is like the turd that plugs up the damned commode.

Here is Mitchell's "take" on the successful 2007 AMO Convention held in Denver 2007. Remember, you are reading this load of shit from a AMC Al-Queda hideout somewhere in the mountians of Warizistan which is on the border of Pakistan and Arvada! 

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Note the Arvada Tampon ragging on Mopars in Page 2 above and Old Cars Weekly below. Too bad you didn't go on and collect Mopars! It would have saved you from being a washed up used car salesman before you croak. 

Squirrelboy "brokered" THE COW CHASING 70 AMX" as it is affectionately known. A otherwise beautiful Matador Red 70 AMX that blew threw some fences over hill and dale chasing cows. The problem is that this car had some structural damage. Rippled driver side floorpan and dropped 1/4 on driver side. Amazingly enough for all the sheer bullshit hype loaded into that auction.....the driver side frontal view was not shown, simply as Popeye with a eye patch would have seen slope. And of course, nowhere was it mentioned that this 70 AMX was chasing Elsie and her sisters thru fields....rupturing the floorpan either. A number of high dollar serious AMX collectors (and potential buyers)  knew this, and word spread quickly that this car WAS DAMAGED GOODS. Looked good in auction, but my 68 piece of shit Rustoleum AMX looks good in auction two for 10 cents. Unfortunately the buyer who was naive enough to shell out $28000 (I believe this was final bid price) for it....found out about the car...and demanded his money back from Squirrelboy in 'the home office in Arvada'. It got ugly, but the car was returned, and full refund given. The car was amazingly put back up on ebay. Again, no mention that Evel Kneivel tried to jump the Rockies with it. Some poor bastard on east coast ended up with it. I do not know what happened to it afterwards, but if the new buyer ever finds out the car was totally misrepresented, chances are, they too, will have to hire attorney and get refund. So with that in mind as AMC Car King without the Blue Genie decides to shove someone else's wares on ebay as a broker, this time a alleged may/may not be 5267 mile original/but look how much shit I have changed 69 AMX.....we now interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this ORIGINAL REPLY FROM MITCHELL to a prospective buyer of the COW CATCHER 70 AMX. You could ask what is he saying and why the hell didn't he just answer the question, and why there are no lifts at any Wal Mart, oil change place in Denver to inspect the car. Hell, my dad was in his 70s and was STILL crawling under AMC vehicles to fix them. So if was just forthright in the answer, chances are none of this shit would have blown up and scattered peanuts and corn all over him.

This is original ebay ASK SELLER A QUESTION and the REPLY.

This is a never before seen photo from AMXTrash of the AMC Hobby removing Larry Mitchell.

Yes, that hemorrhoid of the AMC Hobby, AMCWC, affectionally known as AMC Squirrel Clubs, went belly up in the summer of 2004. Not because the asshole who ran it, Larry Mitchell, "retired" but because he had run out of bridges to burn, and people to piss off, from individuals to businesses to editors at national car clubs and magazines. And for those stupid enough to continue to pay dues in the final days, you got screwed again. Not only that, but all you dumbasses who 'donated' items to the club since the 1980s, thinking it would go to good use, that shit was sold on ebay by Mitchell, claiming it was 'club property'. Go ahead. Believe what you want. He sold you out one final time, that was 'club property' paid for with YOUR dues.


Sadly many longtime AMCers will refuse to believe that. That is fine also, believe what you want, and go ahead and look at the long list of laundered goods he sold before moving out of that hellhole Arvada, Colorado to go pollute the state of Utah. The stuff is GONE. And it was YOURS.


Mitchell could have been a real hero in the AMC hobby. His downfall was he was a asshole committed to destroying all other AMC clubs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And along the way, committing AMC WAR CRIMES against those who he might not have liked for whatever reason.


While masquerading as a "non profit Colorado based AMC club" (which could not have been further fromt he truth, it was a damned business) he derided national Chrysler/mopar organizations for reaching out to ask AMC members to come to their meets; many national vendors including Kennedy American, AMX Connection, Hillick's The Source, Tim Tracy, Tony Grimaldi, Sinclaire's Auto Miniatures, called Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award junk, and Bob Stevens of Cars & Parts, to who this day fumes at the thought of Mitchell. Those defending his actions are in bed with him, one person can't be right and hundreds wrong.


Luckily for the whole hobby, this cesspool of AMCWC is GONE. And flushed the 'National Director' with it in the process. I feel sorry however for those who remained to the bitter end, I understand it was less than 300 people. Hardcore Mitchell fans. That is fine as he fucked you the hardest. And those of you who want to comment "I Was There" no you were'nt, you were nothing more than a paid member. You were not on the receiving end of this asshole's 'love letters' nor were you are ever board meetings, or individual meeting that went on. So quit lying and saying "I was there, I can tell you what really happened" unless you can prove, like others did, a paper trail of letters Mitchell sent you. If you were only a paid member of the national organizations, you ain't shit either, and only saw what was in newsletters, which was slanted to put it mildly. If you were a Officer, then that is different, you have room to talk. If not a Officer, or paid volunteer, then shut up before you make a bigger fool out of yourself making people think "I Was There, I can speak with authority!" yes, so was Elvis.  


My personal riff came when he made some derogatory remarks about my deceased mother in the late 1980s in his Enquirer like tabloid AMXTRASH. For that, I never did forgive him and my temper boiled over when I saw him at the 1998 AMC nationals in Kenosha, but then realized I had tossed out bigger clowns in Houston Sportsbars the past several decades. I actually felt sorry for that fellow, standing there with his clown outfit on, AMC patches all over it. The same feeling you get when you see a homeless man pushing a cart. And no, I was not going to do anything stupid at a national meet, nor was I going to be involved in a Celebrity Death Match, as some jokingly proposed. I saw a pitiful individual who wanted attention, and wanted to be King of AMC. All clubs, all vendors, everything AMC.


But it was not going to happen as long as he opened his big mouth and knew how to use a pen. A poison pen. This is why so many AMC vendors BOYCOTTED, yes, would not advertise in his AMXtrash tabloid, nor vend at his so called 'Nationals'. His last "National" was a joke, with about one dozen cars in Denver, and zero vendors. Think about it for a moment, especially those of you who continued to be fleeced until the last dying days of that club. This asshole destroyed your club.


If you ever order a CD rom of the old AMX Files archives, go back into September 12th, 1988 and the days that followed. The thread is called "Kennedy vs Mitchell/the letter" and read it closely. Oh hell, you have a minute if you have read this crap this far. This is the actual letter that was heavily passed around, copies, at the 1998 Homecoming in Kenosha. If asswipe Mitchell was not taking time to threaten vendors and businesses, then there would have not been this funny, yet, sad, threatening letter floating abuot a national meet. No wonder AMCers could not get respect.


Now with the festering boil of AMCWC and Mitchell gone, AMCs are starting to be recognized, and positively, not in a condesending light like when he was around pissing off every damned national car magazine editor and AMC vendor around. So sit back, put on a slather of Preperation H and enjoy this actual letter.


From: aMX Enterprises

7963 Depew Street

Arvada, CO. 80003



To: Jeff Kennedy/Kennedy American

7100 S.R. 142 SE.

West Jefferson, OH. 43162


July 15th, 1998


Mr. Kennedy:

   Over a decade has passed since you first fell in with Darryl Salisbury and the American Motors Association and started a campaign against me personally, my business AMX Enterprises LTD, and the AMC car club I am national director of, The Classic AMX Club Int.


All these years, you have made a legend of yourself in degrading and belittling the name(s) of Larry (and Linda) Mitchell, AMX Enterprises LTD, the Classic AMX Club International and eventually, AMC World Clubs. In my opinion, you have attempted to run my business into the ground in a anti competitive way starting with the very first time I became aware of the AMC Salvage Program back in the late 1970s when you made sure with a Mr. Senesec of aMC, that I did not get a fiar chance on bidding and buying anything. You wanted everything for yourself and it was then that I learned that you wanted as much of the AMC market to yourself as you could get and you would do anything to get it, fairness not in your business, vocabulary. Stepping on selected competitors, throwning in with others and fixing prices are your MO in trying to monopolize the AMC hobby market (along with a couple of your business associates) with Metro Molded Products and Legendary Auto Interiors are well documented. A general restoration supply shop in Colorado Springs, CO who was forced last year to buy AMC repro rubber thru you at 'wholesale prices' you set near full retail, is prime evidence.


I believe there is a probably a unwritten agreement with you and the management of American Motors Owners Association to keep my business, AMX Enterprises, and Tony Zamisch's business, California Classic AMC, out of the AMO market. If it can be proven in Wisconsin court, the consequenses can be most severe.


An so, Mr. Kennedy, I have had enough. I will not stand by and do nothing while suspected anti competitive and monopolistic behavior goes on and you continue, with other AMC hobby businesses "supported and recommended" by American Motors Owners Association" to make sure I have no available avenue to offer my products to that exclusive market. I, and my attorney in Colorado, feel that there are laws, Federal and State, against this behavoir that migth apply to this situation. To that end, I am putting a lawyer under retainer in Madison, Wisconsin, the State of Incorporation of AMO, in July to pursue a potential lawsuit to end the discrimination and financial burden I feel you, a coupe of other AMC hobby vendors and the management of AMO have imposed upon me and my business, AMX Enterprises LTD. You will be advised in due time.


I have offered to "bury the hatchet" with you ina  letter a few years ago, inviting you to take up advertising in the AMCWC publication, the AMX-TRA and stop the bad politics. It is well documented that you made a mockery of the letter and me personally at the AMO membership meeting. Things like this show a pattern of behavoir strongly negative against me, my personal business and the club I am involved with. And, Mr. Kennedy, the lies, deceptions and nagative attitudes you, (Tony) Grimaldi, (Eddie) Stakes, and others have generated over the years has taken a toll on the AMC hobby as a whole. Many people have just had enough and are leaving the hobby in disgust because of far too much politics between vendors and the clubs themselves. You are hoping to create a situation of zero AMC hobby growth that will cut into vendor's business profits and even hobby club growth just pas the turn of the century. No GM, Ford or Mopar hobby has vendors and clubs that trash eash other like the AMC hobby has, and you have been the vendor who has poisoned the well more than anyone in the last 12 years.


If you wish to talk to face to face in a gentelmanly way, about the situation, I will be at the Kenosha Homecoming Show on Saturday in the aMCWC area. If you do not, this is tyour choice. I am prepared to spend the time and money to resolve this matter with your business, AMO, and possibly two or three other AMC hobby vendors in a court of law, win, lose, or draw. It will not be plesant and is sure to be very costly, but Linda and I will not allow the namecalling, discrimination, and business losses to go on any further if our case can be brought to trial.


Larry G. Mitchell

President, AMX Enterprises LTD.


I find it humorous at best that some who want to claim "they were there, they can tell the REAL story" are actually clueless and never gotten a damned poison pen letter from Mitchell.

Aw, ok, here is fuckface's letter that was being passed around at the Kenosha meet like my ex wife in a locker room in high school. 

PAGE 1     PAGE 2


I got my own LOVE LETTER from boy Mitchell in December 26th, 1991. Later this asswipe living abortion would write other "love letters" to many vendors and clubs and individuals alike. On interesting one was to Old Cars Weekly. This was my scorching reply letting subscribers and mopar fans that Mitchell was 'not the voice of the hobby' either, and spoke only for himself, and his dying club. This was one of the last letters Editor John Gunnell published from Larry The Mullet Mitchell, as he would later call their Golden Quill Award trash. This is a letter to Sinclaire's Auto Minatures. Anyone wanting copies send me a stamp, hell, contact some of the people listed in this letter, I'm sure they all have a "Mitchell File. Sadly this was Larry's MO. And he left a trail of destruction across the whole AMC hobby. And as he mentions in his own letter of Kennedy vs Mitchell above, this caused a lot of casualties in the AMC hobby. But mostly to himself and to his club, which continued to dwindle in numbers and paid dues, dues that would go into his pocket.


My letter above was used against Larry Mitchell in a Wiconsin Court of Law when longtime AMC supporter and hobbyist, Ike Ricchio of Kenosha, sued Mitchell to get back his production books he had lent to Mitchell years earlier so Mitchell could make copies and use it in his newsletter. Bad move. Larry decided those ultra rare books were his 'donated' to the club, but Ike wanted his property back and sued to get them back.  


Word spread quickly in this small AMC hobby about the impending lawsuit, and Larry having to defend himself in a court of law in Wisconsin. Needless to say, just like the Micheal Jackson trial, dozens of people Larry had screwed somehow or another thru the years wanted to join in and help Ike out. Myself included. I am proud to say that Larry's Love Letter to me dated the day after Christmas (yes, this asshole would spend his Christmas writing HATE MAIL) was singled out in court over the derogatory redneck comments he made in it. The judge lambasted him for discrimination, and also against Italians (as Ricchio is; as are many in Kenosha) and found Larry had to return the book. Ike was estatic and called and thanked all those people who had sent in their personal "Mitchell Love Letters" to him for his battle with the Big Abortion.


Thank God Mitchell is out of the hobby. Finally. It is almost like a new day like Iraqi elections. AMO and NAMDRA membership has gone up. Lots more items being reproduced in the hobby by a whole variety of sources. Meets are growing in size. AMC coverage is getting better from Hemming's Muscle Machines, Cars & Parts, Car Craft, Old Cars Weekly, Auto Enthusiast to name just a few magazines that have stepped up their AMC coverage knowing full well they won't get a self appointed asshole who thinks he is Son of Teague, Grand Poobah leader of free world AMC cheerleader. And to those of you who stayed on to the very bitter, and sad end, well, I honestly feel sorry for you being so naive. Did you really think that all those so called "chapters" in his newsletter existed? They existed in name only but for a few! Hell, you could have called any of them, it was one person chapters, existing only on paper and in his twisted mind. Did you really think there was a problem when his 'national' meets didn't draw major vendors, much less cars? Not knocking Kenosha, but Saddam Hussein could do a AMC meet in Kenosha and people would show up. It's Kenosha no matter who does it. Did you really ever wonder why no major vendors in his newsletter? Ever wonder about the constant bitching about other clubs, the world, people, life in general since the late 1980s in his rag? Sure you put in 5 pages of aMC stuff and 25 pages of shit, and people will still buy it. Just like the National Enquirer, people buy it. At least they are still in business of peddling shit where Uncle Larry has wallowed info infamy in the ghettos of Arvada, Colorado.


You always knew that one day his club would fold. And like the toppling of the Saddam statue by US troops, thousands of AMCers are cheering wildly knowing that someone who spent the last almost 20 years attempting to destroy individuals, vendors, suppliers, other national clubs, editors, car owners, is gone. Mitchell was right on one count. He should have stayed collecting Mopars. But they would have not had the tolerance AMC people did, for so long. Larry could have had national events and awards and trophies named after him. If only he had taken a different course. His string of evidence of hate mail letters to dozens associated in the AMC hobby since the mid 1980s is more than enough. It was disgusting then, and it is disgusting now.


I should be praising Mitchell for all the work he did the many years he did good in the hobby. I can't, instead I flush him like the corn and peanut laden turd he is. Why? It is a path HE, not you or me, but HE chose to take, for whatever reason none of us will ever know. But all the 'facts' you need, all the 'evidence' one could have for almost 20 years is in print. And luckily for many of us, we got out before the wall came crashing down forever. 


Every person mentioned in this letter was "banished for life" from AMC Squirrel Clubs along the way. There are more than enough, dozens, hundreds, enough that a new club could be formed from the remains. He once told me that 'burning bridges in life is not a good policy' except he practiced that. And not only did he burn enough bridges to last all ten of Shirley McLaines' lifetimes, he also practiced a "AMC Scorched Policy" wrecking havoc along the way in each newsletter, each love letter. And that is pathetic, and really can't believe he lasted that long.


So in finality, the whole AMC Hobby is better now that the nightmare of the amx experience is over. Hopefully there will not be another AMC Mussolini, Stalin or Hitler to take his place. Ever.  


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