Houston, Texas Snowfall 
Christmas Eve 2004
Thanks to our fine servicemen and women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who wrote me after this rare event!

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all. But on Christmas Eve 2004, Houston had it's first ever snowfall for that date. The odds were only 20%. Paige's mom called me on her cell to let me know it was some flakes falling 4 miles south near Westheimer. So I went outside and saw nothing. About a hour later, flakes were falling here, and then it got heavy for about 30 minutes and started sticking. The temp was 34 degrees, and wind chill about 29 at the time.

But never in Houston's recorded history going back into the 1800s has there been a "White Christmas" so this was a real treat. Amazingly even more is that places SOUTH of Houston like Corpus Christi and Victoria had a better chance of snow, about 40%! Needless to say you damned yanquis who are used to this shit are probably going "what is the big dang deal?!" "Snow?" Yes, snow! We don't get much here and last time it did snow was 1996 and it was just a few flakes, nothing more. But again, NEVER ON CHRISTMAS OR CHRISTMAS EVE!!!
So this was truly special. My two small boys, Noah who is 3, and Jacob, who is almost 2, got a White Christmas. I have waited 45 years for one and finally got one. The total snowfall in Houston was about 1-3 inches. However, some places as mentioned above like Corpus Christi and Victoria, got hammered. Victoria got about a foot of snow and many roads and freeways were closed. Corpus got about 4 inches, same deal, and even the lower valley, like Brownsville, Harlingen, got into the act!
Here was a auction on ebay, and I ain't making this up:
This is a wonderful piece of history, a snowball has not been made in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  in over a hundred years, this I made in my front yard in Laguna Vista, TX (about 5 miles from South Padre). On December 25.2004.  It has not snowed here since about 1889. A lot of people here never seen snow, it was an extraordinary event.  If you are a science buff or just want part of history for many years you should bid now.  The snowball is in great condition, very clean bright white.  It's size is about 4" X 4" X 3" a baseball. Don't miss out bid now or wait a hundred years and make your own.
Winning bid: US $92.00
Ended: Jan-07-05 15:12:24 PST
Start time: Jan-03-05 17:35:25 PST
Item location: LAGUNA VISTA, TEXAS

Yup, someone paid $92 for this "piece of history". So with that in mind, here are some photos I thought many of you would enjoy of our "Winter Wonderland of Houston, Texas for Christmas 2004"
This is a awesome satellite view of Texas snowfall, which was national headlines!
My 69 SC/Rambler wagon is getting dusted.
Front view of our house, and side angle view, showing it actually sticking.
This is the back glass of my 82 Eagle wagon.
Noah with a snowball. He was three years old. As a lifelong Texan (I'm 46) this never happened to me!
Noah with Jacob after Jacob got hit with that snowball.
Me, Jacob, Noah and dog Cookie at night with snow coming down.
We don't keep charcoal around and kids ate carrots, so I used ketchup for the snowman's face.
I'm sure people in Buffalo, NY are moaning about this. That's fine we laugh at ya'll when you get 46 inches of snow, ya'll can laugh at us when we get a hurricane.
The trunk of my 71 Matador two door made for a good few snowballs.
74 Hornet Sportabout was handy for a snowman and extra snow!
The house across the street the day after still was covered. Yup, it is for sale for $135K. 
Be my neighbor at the white trash bead and breakfast, hot grits, corn pone, corned beef hash, eggs, serrano peppers and refried beans served on a dripping paper plate!

I hope ya'll have enjoyed this as much as I have enjoyed sharing it. I realize many of ya'll get your ass buried in this stuff for months, but ya'll can let us know when it hits 110 degrees in the summer in your area, then we will ask "What's the big deal?" "It is that 'warm' here from March thru October!"

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