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I'm not a SC/Rambler specialist and have only owned one of these unique boogers out of over 350+ AMCs I have personally owned. However I had some items of interest that might be beneficial to those of you who like these Ramblers modified by Hurst, and decided to put up this small page on my site. There were 1512 Hurst SC/Ramblers produced in 1969, my own estimate is that less than 350 of them remain. I have personally seen over a dozen of them sent to the crusher, which is a shame, but not unusual with AMC vehicles in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and well, now.

There is a nice website run by a number of volunteers who either own....or simply like these little cars, and are attempting to document all remaining ones....which is same thing I am trying to do with the SC/Ramblers "sister car" the SC/360. My goal is to document 100 of the 1971 SC/360 Hornets, (*UPDATE, in 2012, there is 111 known to exist!) which only 784 were made, which is almost 1/2 the production of the SC/Rambler! Both unique in their own ways. This is the SC/Rambler Online Registry, and this is the SC/360 Hornet Registry.

I have a number of photos here of several vehicles, one is a very early production SC/Rambler.

AMC Metal Paint Standards from 1968, RARE

This is a original AMC Car Ordering Guide & Price List for the 69 1/2 SC/Rambler-Hurst.

This is the original American Motors Public Relations Press Release.

Page #1           Page #2

And I sell copies of the 1969 SC/Rambler Press Photo in the AMC Studio.

This is the original American Motors stripe kits schematics for paints scheme:
"A"     and      "B"

Here is the Bond drag SC/Rambler complete with story.

Ever hear of the Baja SC/Ramblers? A dozen of so of them made, James Garner, the actor, drove one. Here is one tackling the rugged Mexican terrain.

I sell copies of this rare photo of a Hurst Baja SC/Rambler.

The story behind these rare Baja SC/Ramblers (from AMC's REDLINER DEALER REPORT): 


Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico: An American Motors SC/Rambler from James Garner's American International Racing team won the PASSENGER CAR category June 11th-12th (1969) in the Baja 500 Off Road racing event, a automotive enduro race that stands as a challenge to both vehicle and driver. 

A specially prepared team of bright red, white and blue American Motors' sedans was entered in Category 1 and IV. Category I is open to production two wheel drive vehicles while Category IV is open to four wheel drive experimental vehicles.

This race is sanctioned by NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) and is considered one of the toughest endurance races in the world, negotiating hundreds of miles of rocky, dusty terrain through the remote Baja (lower) California peninsula.

Veteran Grand Prix race driver Bob Bondurant of Santa Ana, CA, with his co-driver, Tony Murphy of Los Angeles, CA, roared across the finish line in a SC/Rambler after 19 hours and five minutes of racing around a treacherous 550-mile long course that circles the upper 1/2 of the Baja California peninsula and return to the finish line in the center of the resort city of Ensenada. "The performance of our SC/Rambler was truly remarkable," declared Bondurant; "We experienced no mechanical trouble despite the tremendous pounding our car took on the course."

Bondurant and Murphy led two more American Motors SC/Ramblers home, gaining 3rd, and 5th place, as well as 13th place, in Class I before the rugged racing event was halted at the end of 30 hours. Finishing 3rd was Ed Orr of studio City, CA and J. W. Wright of North Hollywood, CA; 5th was Walker Evens of Riverside, CA, and Don Simpson or Hemet, CA; and 13th place was Dick Hansen of San Diego, CA, and Johnnie Crean of Riverside, CA. 

Adding to this impressive victory was 4th place won by Carl Jackson and Jim Fricker of Hemet, CA, driving a experimental FOUR WHEEL DRIVE SC/Rambler in the rugged Category IV Class. Jackson & Fricker circled the hazardous, bone crushing course in 17 hours and 30 minutes!

A tribute was paid to the American International Racing Team Crew that prepared Jackson's-Frickers 4X4 SC/Rambler by Elmer Waring, chief Inspector for the NORRA's technical crew. "This four wheel drive vehicle was a real 60 day wonder," said Waring. "for it was created in two months and placed into competition against units with years of development and dozens of open competitive events. Carl Jackson, Jim Fricker and the SC/Rambler four wheel drive were outstanding."

These are some unique Ramblers that have been customized, including my own SC/Rambler wagon. Too bad AMC didn't extend this program further and include convertibles and wagons! If you ever run across one of these unusual AMC Musclecars, take time to look at it same as you would other AMC Musclecars like the Javelin, AMX, Rebel Machine, SC/360 Hornet. All are unique and were produced is small numbers and few remain this far down the line. 

With that in mind, here are some great photos of a "A" and "B" paint scheme Hurst SC/Ramblers. Note the early "A" paint one's Ram Air system is cobbled, almost hacked together. This is what AMC did. I have seen about 4 early cars like this so worth noting.

"A" Paint Scheme (effective Feb 1969)

Clear Guard Battery     Dash Driver Side View    Differential    Door Driver Side      Door Metal Trim Tag

Driver Side 1/4 Panel     Engine Driver Side     Engine Front View     Engine Passenger Side

Driver Side Fender      Hood With Graphics       Hood Latch Setup     Hood Scoop Rear View

Trunk Detail        Seats With Headrests      Seats Passenger Side View         Glovebox Material

Rear Seat       Rear Tail Panel        Ram Air (early!)        Rally Rim      Roof Decal

Sun Tachometer        Trunk Decal       Under Carriage     Gas Tank       Under Carriage Exhaust

"B" Paint Scheme

Driver Side 1/4 View        Interior Driver Side View        Passenger Side      Driver Side View      Engine



Happy Rambling,
Eddie Stakes

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