The James Hahn Collection For Sale April 2008---?????

2011 update: Sale of these were put off after Hurricane Ike

2015 update most hauled to scrap

From former ISCA/Astrodome show winners to glorified parts cars (and who don't need parts in 2008 with salvage yards dry) I am not sure which ones of these I will be selling off for the family, but the first 4 will be coming in soon; then evaluated and either sold as is, or parted out quickly.

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silver 1974, possibly 75

white 74, 75 or 76 Gremlin X

silver 74/75 or 76 Gremlin X

73(?) former showcar blue Gremlin X

engine bay of above, rebuilt engine, much new

interior of above vehicle, vandalized

orange 71(?) parts car

overview of parts Gremlins

vandalized former showcar

my old 70 AMX, 390, 4spd, Bittersweet Orange

back angle 70 AMX, 390, 4spd parts car

77 red Gremlin/restorable

77 Gremlin side angle/restorable
77 Gremlin (photos #13 & #14) sold on ebay for $325




73 P-38 Gremlin X rear/restorable

73 P-38 Gremlin X side/restorable, Canadian built.
Sold on ebay for $210


75/76 Gremlin X/possibly 304V8 original


yellow 71/72 Gremlin


white 74 Levi's X, 304 former ISCA winner


angled view of several

custom paint 71/72/73(?) candy orange Gremlin