My 77 Matador coupe & 68 Rebel convertible Machine at World Premier of the movie
'Blast From The Past'

In 1999 a funny time travel movie called Blast From The Past, starring Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek made it's World Premier here in Houston, Texas at the huge AMC (what else?) 30 screen theater on Dunvale between Westheimer & Richmond Avenue in west Houston. About 2 months before I had gotten a call from a gentlemen who asked 'if I had any old cars that would like to be part of a world premier'. So I asked him what movie and where at. He said they were going to assemble about a dozen classic cars in front of the theater and asked what type I had. I simply told him American Motors and he said 'cool!' and I had two that would really get a lot of looks. I also told him if he wanted a dozen AMC's I could flood the damned warehouse was across street on Meadowdale  and I lived at the time about mile 1/2 away. He said no, two is perfect and I emailed him photos. So my 1968 Rebel convertible 'Machine' and 77 Matador Barcelona coupe I drove over and there was a GTO, camaro, Mustang, and few others 60s/70s cars but I was the only person he asked to bring TWO cars so was sort of flattered.

I got some free tickets, a movie poster, didn't get to meet Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone though and would have loved to meet Sissy Spacek who is from Texas, but well, all us cars guys sort of stood around outside and talked, the movie tickets were good anytime, and I learned later the movie sucked so used them for something else at same theater. Was neat to be invited to something like this, maybe would have got to meet big stars if I had worn shoes and collar! If I find the Rebel Machine convertible photo will post it here also, looked great in the enclosed area here with Matador & other classics.



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