My Pacer Custom Woodie Wagon in National Tax Return Commercial


Back at the turn of the century (gee, 2000) the late Chuck Singleton from Houston Studios, who had gotten my 68 Rebel convertible 'Machine' in a music video by Linda Gail Lewis, asked if I wanted to have my Pacer customized wagon in a commercial. He said it would pay $40 and be fun. I would have done it for free, just as a favor to my friend though.

So while I can't link it here, CLICK HERE which is youtube, and search for "Eddie Stakes"

This is youtube link. Commercial is in english & spanish

 and my commercial comes up, really funny too, and english and spanish. It was shown mostly west of Mississippi, and also spanish stations, and it was left 'generic' so ANY "electronic tax return company" could simply add their information and use it! I'll put some stills here of the filming when I have time.

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