Phenias & Ferb AMC Gremlin & AMX

While killing time with the boys, they were watching Phenias & Ferb and seems some of the writers know their AMCs VERY well. The song "not so bad a dad after all" with the daughter (Vanessa) singing about her dad Professor Doofenschmirtz; who is always coming up with schemes....features not only a Gremlin, but after the song a wicked 68-69 AMX complete with SS/AMX scoop. The Gremlin is in the song, the AMX was not.

The AMX was sitting in front of a Charities organization (possibly P&F writers waiting for the Charity AMX to get finished from last century?) but the small doll the girl had when kid, and still had as teen, ends up at this charity where she finds it again, and grabs it from small girl to take it back home.

This is the song: 

or search for 'Not So Bad A Dad After All' and it comes up, anyone with KIDS will appreciate the catchy tune & nostalgia!

No sign of Perry the Platypus.