Linda Gail Lewis Rocks my
Convertible Rebel Machine in Video

My 1968 Rebel convertible 'Machine' was used by country & western star Linda Gail Lewis for a video shoot done here in Houston Studios downtown. As before, the late Chuck Singleton liked my cars I drove up to the sports bar Scoreboard, and they were looking for a muscle car to do a video for Linda's upcoming album. The song was extremely catchy called 'I'd Rather Stay Home & Rock & Roll' and a series of stills of the actual video are shown here from the studio. However! If you would like to see the whole video it is on youtube 

 or search for "Linda Gail Lewis I'd Rather Stay Home & Rock & Roll"!

The shoot took 3-4 days, I simply left my car down there and they filmed around it as needed, a cop pulled her over (they weren't really moving!) and she flirted with him and got tossed in jail, don't want to give whole thing away, go look at the whole song and video. It was fun, she is a classy lady and I regret not getting her autograph whole time even though we talked a number of times!

Special thanks to arcticboy Bob Wilson for capturing the stills!