In the summer of 2003 I was working at Ron's Pub West at the corner of Westheimer & Kirkwood. Neat little put but seedy as hell. Meghan Smith was one of my customers, a quiet girl who liked to get shitfaced, especially on 'high alcohol' drinks like Long Island Teas. But never a problem. She was murdered by some guys who carved up her vagina for whatever reason, it is my understanding it was a screwdriver they stabbed her with down there. Rather fucking gruesome way to die. She had went to O'Malleys a Irish bar about a block off Kirkwood notorious for not only fights but in the 'bar world' it was affectionately known as 'O'Minors' as those under legal drinking age could be served there most nights, and many of these people were restaurant and bar people so good tips for those bartenders who took risks to serve underagers. It's my understanding she had went to this place, then came over to Ron's Pub West, of which was about 100-200 yards south of O'Malleys.

I was only one working as waitresses had gone home for evening or drinking at another club after getting their shift drinks. Meghan got a long island tea and the two guys she was with played pool. I didn't think too much of it, except when one guy came to pay for drinks, I did comment 'cool tattoo' as he had flames on his arm, sort of like what one would see on a 55 Chevy custom hood. Which reminded me of one of my brother's cars he 'flamed out' the hood decades earlier. It was last I would see of them, they left, no big deal, people come and go.

A few days later I saw on television that Meghan Smith had bled to death, I think it was Channel 2. She didn't want to go to doctor for obvious reasons she was embarrassed what happened she got too drunk and guys raped and abused her. You see this all the time, the women refuse medical treatment or stay quiet about it. Regardless of that her mom tried to get her to go, she didn't and died. It's my understanding her blood count was about one when died, that is major loss of blood.

I talked to a inspector Harris at Houston Homicide afterwards. He told me that 'employees at Ron's Pub said she wasn't there that night' but indeed she was. I don't remember the loudmouth cunt's name who was a waitress, but any of the employees who lied about Meghan not being there that not did it to basically protect their liquor license and of course who wants bad press with 'Ron's Pub West' in news each night for a murder? I gave a statement and also told the cop that I was the only person working that night when I saw them, something reflected in the Houston Chronicle report below from Sunday August 10th, 2003. Granted, she was not murdered at Ron's Pube West but I believe at the apartments directly behind Ron's where she lived is where this actually happened, it was never determined if her own apartment or guys took her somewhere then dumped her back near her place.

I don't know what ever happened in this case, nor do I care, but do hope that whoever did this to this sweet girl is now in prison. And to the loudmouthed lying cunt waitress who told cops she was there that night and wasn't, God has already punished you with your baby dying, you can't go thru life being a cunt and your lying to cops probably inhibited them from making real progress on finding the people who did this.

Ron's Pub West business went to shit after this was aired, and I quit, and afterwards the place even got robbed with the owner's son having gun pointed in face late one night in armed robbery.  The owners later would open The Bull & Bear Pub about block away, and Ron's Pub West closed down as the whole L shaped stirp shopping center was bulldozed to make way for a new shopping center. Say a prayer for her.


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