Spirit of '76 Bicentennial AMC Gremlin



It was a stripe kit & decals kit. Also called "AMC Patriot Edition" Sort of like GX, Miniwagons and P38 Gremlins. The stripe kit is rather colorful. The "Gremlin '76" kit was made by Kay Screen Graphics, 1614 Clay in Detroit, MI for AMC. The kit is basically lower strip it red, white and blue, running just above bottom of fenders, right above rockers, and lower 1/4s on each side, and on the back has a big Interstate looking decals that was to be stuck to the right of back glass, just below. You see me sell some of the big decals on ebay every now and then, still have some of those although only one of the complete stripe kits in stock.


No, not specifically for V8 Gremlins, it could be had on any Gremlin.


If you have ever seen a 72 Rallye Hornet stripe kit, this runs same except super colorful with stars, sort of like the Star Spangled SC/Ramblers years before.

Below is a original Spirit of 76 Bicentennial instruction sheet for Gremlin. The 1976 AMC Pacer could also be had with same kit. Below is a NOS "Pacer" kit. Not for sale, sorry.

bicentennial-amc-gremlin-instructions.jpg (134846 bytes)  bicentennial-76-amc-pacer.jpg (40901 bytes)

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