The Return of AMC!

AMC became the laughing stock of old car world, thanks to Hot Rod Magazine. People were rushing out to buy, line up like new I-phone. Tons of chatter on Al Gore's internet about the possibility of American Motors coming back! Seems no one had bothered to read last paragraph that is was all ONE BIG FUCKING APRIL FOOLS JOKE! thought up by staff at Hot Rod! Imagine if they would have done this with ANOTHER orphan like Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Studebaker? Nah, lets make AMC the joke again ha ha.

I liked the sketches and at the time, Dick Teague's son Jeff was still alive and probably would have liked the futuristic look of some of the drawings. But this was all overpowered by the sheer message that as usual...AMC was a JOKE. It rrminded me of legendary actress Piper Laurie in movie Carrie (Sissie Spacek) about showing a little skin at the prom, the line was timeless:

"They Are Al Going ot Laugh At You!" she warned, here is 3 second youtube of it, watch quick,

as one of the most memorable lines of movie. And needless to say, other old car fans laughed too, unfortunately at AMC being butt of yet another joke.

The fallout was quick, Hot Rod tried to explain it away as just a joke! They tried to do it online, in their magazine, but American Motors fans left in droves. Even non AMCers like Chrysler, and Ford fans thought it was cruel. I didn't give a shit, as didn't subscribe to Hot Rod, but sure wished they could have done some AMC engine buildup or custom AMX or Gremlin instead of that April Fools bullshit.

With that being said, here is all 5 pages of the article. It was many years ago, but AMC fans have a long memory, whether it was Chrysler's hostile takeover of AMC, or the battle between national AMC clubs for members & the fallout & long term effects of that. 

Note to Hot Rod: As many magazines continue to die a slow and miserable death in internet age, Chrysler has been passed around like my ex in the winning football team's locker room. First Canada's Cerebrus, then Germany's DaimlierBenz, now Italy's Fiat owns them. Chrysler is on chopping block and will join other orphans like AMC, Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Hummer, Saturn, ok, no one gives a fuck about Saturn, so when Chrysler gone, feel free to pull same joke on them.

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