Von Piranha AMX of Colorado

The Von Piranha AMX was a limited-production (AMC Regional Special) custom commonly known as The Piranha AMX., sold out of the Denver, Colorado region in 1968-69. It is unknown how many total were modified.

The red one below was raced by Ron Hunter at the Continental Divide Raceway near Pueblo, CO, and may have seen some duty at Pike's Peak although unknown.

This particular 68 Piranha AMX had a 390cid AMX V8 & Borg-Warner M12 Automatic along with Edelbrock R4B intake manifold and large 950 cfm Holley 3-barrel carburetor, backed up with a 3:15 rear gear..

There is a Bittersweet Orange 69 one known to still exist. They had a number of ram air scoops attached to them, two on two, and two on side. As with hundreds more AMC Regional, Dealer or Special Mod AMC vehicles not much is known about these Von Piranha AMXs.

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In early 2015 a "barn find" Von Piranah AMX was found and appeared on ebay for sale. This one has a custom intake with Piranah embossed on it, I do not know if this was a custom job, or a manufacturer job. The dealership in Denver still unknown who sold these at this point. I saved the photos from that auction since seeing one of these is about as rare as seeing a AMX/3 prototype at a AMC meet. Sometimes on ebay the "remnants" of the auction sty up for months, so you might wish to search ebay for item 251788426273

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