The wrecks of Wycliffe, Houston, Texas (Wycliffe & Timber Oak intersection)

This file is dedicated to all the wrecks I have documented at corner of Wycliffe & Timber Oak in Houston, Texas. I have asked the City of Houston numerous times to put of stop signs to make this intersection safer. Their reply was it has to have 300 cars per hour go thru or something to that sort. A guy came out, sat around in City truck, ate lunch, and drove off. Later a <--> (turn right or left only, no plowing thru house) sign was hoisted on pole and farther down Timber Oak a warning sign with stop sign ahead was put up. But no stop signs on north/south Wycliffe.

The problem is that (from the wrecks I have witnessed) is that:

A. Wycliffe is two way with yellow "do not pass" twin stripes on it.

B. People on Timber Oak turning left or right onto Wycliffe assume it is a 3 way stop.

Most of the wrecks were from people turning LEFT from Timber Oak.....onto Wycliffe heading south, so they turn right in front of oncoming traffic they 'thought' was supposed to stop, then they get hit. Only 2 of the wrecks I have seen involved vehicles heading south on Wycliffe hitting those turning off Timber Oak. However, there have been some extremely close calls including skidding, honking, and road rage with one angry driver chasing the offending vehicle that turned in front of him, down Wycliffe, blaring on his horn.

It's my understanding that the 1800 block of Wycliffe had a petition sent to City for speed humps, as since the Katy Freeway expansion, many people zoom down off Brittmoore, down Timber Oak, turn left on Wycliffe, then Chatterton, to get to Upland and it is straight shot to I-10. So you miss all standing traffic at Westview/Brittmoore then Brittmoore/I'10 next to Roomstore Furniture. I don't believe speed humps will solve problem of wrecks on wycliffe @ Timber Oak, only stops signs will.

Possibly as this list continues to grow, or someone gets seriously hurt or killed unfortunately that the City will then realize that you don't have to have '300 cars per hour' go thru intersection to make it dangerous. Or warrant attention. But stop signs would however make it safer, especially since NO SIDEWALKS and dozens of kids, including my own, have no place to cross.

One recent incident was my son Jacob, 6, was playing in ditch on side of house in sand, and a kid, 15 years old, had taken his dad's SUV without permission, and had run the stop sign at Chatterton & Wycliffe, got pulled over by HPD, and then sped off. He turns onto Timer Oak heading east, and loses control.....and slams into a truck on the south side of Timer Oak, my boy was less than 15 feet away, and I was 20 feet away when he hit the truck, totalling out his SUV, and causing major damage to the truck parked legally on side of road. Not that a stop sing would have done any good, he had already run one. But don't get me started with speeders who think the "double yellow line on Wycliffe" means it is drag strip......

With that being said, maybe City will come out and instead of putting up useless signs like the 'turn right or left' and 'stop sign ahead' ones, will address the problem and actually put up real stop signs on Wycliffe and Timber Oak and make it a real three way stop  to make it safer for those of us who live here and are tired of running out to help people after they have been broad sided by a vehicle.

No, I do not have the dates of these wrecks, a check of  Houston Police records could bring them up however. No, I did not take photos of ever fender bender on this intersection, as sometimes not home, or the people just blow it off and drive away no problem, no insurance, illegal aliens, no driver license, and move on, no harm, no foul. But some of these have been pretty bad with fire trucks, EMS called.