Printable FREE Window Stickers for your classic AMC

This is a Free Service From Planet Houston AMX. Don't pay $5-$10 for one on ebay, PRINT THEM FREE HERE!

Type in the information about your American Motors Vehicle, and frame and display with your car at car shows, or tape it to your drivers side door glass on the 1/4 glass for all to admire.

hese print out as originals to roughly 10 1/2 inches from top to bottom, to 6 3/4 inches from side to side. You can then type in all the information pertaining to your model. Several random years are provided here to show you where the information will go on your window sticker.

AMC Rambler Dealerships (use one from YOUR town)

Original prices of the vehicles, click here.

For a list of AMC ZONES, click here


AMC Stock Certificate February 9th, 1970
(looks great framed)

AMC-Stock-Certificate.jpg (102524 bytes)

1971 Military Discount (Confindential!)

AMC-Military-Discount.jpg (385775 bytes)

1964 AMC Rambler Typhoon Window Sticker

64-AMC-Rambler-Typhoon.jpg (41649 bytes)

1967 Ambassador 2door Window Sticker (courtesy Craig Thompson)

67-AMC-Ambassador-prices.jpg (260609 bytes)

1967 Ambassador Convertible Window Sticker (courtesy Craig Thompson)

67-AMC-Ambassador-Convertible-prices.jpg (305780 bytes)

1968 AMX Window Sticker (early)

68-AMC-AMX-prices.jpg (201246 bytes)

1968 Ambassador 390 4door Window Sticker

68-AMC-Ambassador-390-prices.jpg (446450 bytes)

1969 AMX Bill Of Sale (courtesy Joe Clark)

69-AMC-AMX-Bill-Of-Sale.jpg (201880 bytes)

1969 AMX Window Sticker (courtesy Joe Clark)

69-AMC-AMX-prices.jpg (80696 bytes)

1970 Mark Donohue Javelin Window Sticker

70-AMC-Mark-Donohue-Javelin-prices-1.jpg (103689 bytes)

1970 Mark Donohue Javelin Window Sticker

70-AMC-Mark-Donohue-Javelin-prices-2.jpg (136372 bytes)

1970 Rebel Machine Window Sticker

70-AMC-Rebel-Machine-prices.jpg (78835 bytes)

1969 Super Stock (sold as a 1970!) Window Sticker (rare!)

69-70-AMC-Super-Stock-AMX-prices.jpg (61703 bytes)

1971 Matador 2dr Window Sticker (this is my 14K mile car)

71-AMC-Matador-prices-Stakes.jpg (219454 bytes)

1971 Hornet 2door Window Sticker

71-AMC-Hornet-prices-1.jpg (217274 bytes)

1971 Hornet 4door Window Sticker

71-AMC-Hornet-prices-2.jpg (837374 bytes)

1972 Hornet Sportabout station wagon Window Sticker

72-AMC-Hornet-Sportabout-prices.jpg (204575 bytes)

1972 Ambassador 4door Window Sticker

72-Ambassador-prices.jpg (151763 bytes)

1973 Gremlin Window Sticker

73-AMC-Gremlin-prices-1.jpg (127133 bytes)

1973 Gremin Window Sticker

73-AMC-Gremlin-prices-2.jpg (100454 bytes)

1973 Gremlin Window Sticker

73-AMC-Gremlin-prices-3.jpg (184497 bytes)

1973 AMX Window Sticker (courtesy Jeff Cooke)

73-AMC-AMX-prices.jpg (172862 bytes)

1974 Hornet 2dr Window Sticker

74-AMC-Hornet-prices-2.jpg (177181 bytes)

1974 AMC Hornet 2dr Window sticker

74-AMC-Hornet-prices.jpg (223022 bytes)

1974 Hornet Sportabout Window Sticker (this is my car)

74-AMC-Hornet-Sportabout-prices.jpg (110918 bytes)

1974 Matador Coupe Window Sticker

74-AMC-Matador-coupe-prices.jpg (764809 bytes)

1975 Gremlin Window Sticker

75-AMC-Gremlin-prices.jpg (217772 bytes)

1976 Jeep Window Sticker

1976 Jeep Monroney.jpg (472471 bytes)

1978 Matador Coupe Window Sticker

78-AMC-Matador-prices.jpg (63564 bytes)

*print these and fill out. You can use above window stickers prices, & use my AMC Dealership & Zones to create your own.
special thanks todd matthews.

Metropolitian Window Sticker (all)

AMC-Nash-Metropolitian-blank.jpg (101308 bytes)

1966-1967 Blank Window Sticker (early 67)

66-67-AMC-blank-window-sticker.jpg (161301 bytes)

1968-1969 AMC Blank Window Sticker

68-69-AMC-blank-window-sticker.jpg (186815 bytes)

1970 AMC Blank Window Sticker

70-AMC-Blank-window-sticker.jpg (180251 bytes)


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amc-jeep-blank-.jpg (372056 bytes)